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Sunland Stuff


I have been to Sunland a few times now. I took in a team of multi-beliefed individuals; skeptics, believers, non-believers. I am pretty sure we explored nearly every room on every floor (even the room that claimed "if you want to die, go to the end of the hall") :).While we were there, we shot about an hour of footage, tried to collect EVP's and tested for EMF's. Nothing out of the ordinary happened while we were there; no voices, no footsteps..etc. I do believe we may have captured an EVP telling us to "be quiet" and "shhh", but i think, upon further analysis, it will be shown to be something explainable. We did filter it through software to amplify.

I am a skeptic, if i see it, i will believe it. However, I will admit I do get an eriee feeling when I get near and go in. There are a few thoughts I have that many of you probably already realize, but I thought I would share:

Remember, knowing all the history of the hospital, all the abuse..etc, causes an uneasiness if you go there. Don't let your mind play tricks, be objective. If you go in there hoping to see a ghost, your mind will play tricks on you. Every sound you hear that would be considered normal throughout the day, are much different when you are in an old abandoned "haunted" building. Go in there with no intent on your mind. Dont let things that CAN be explained turn into something that it isnt. It is an old building, it makes noises, it leaks.

Anyway, I plan to make another expidition into Sunland. Every trip we make, my team has more equipment to study. I guess we are kinda "ghost hunters", but not really. We are just interested to find out if something really is goin on in there.
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