Melody (vicious_llama) wrote in sunland,

This post has nothing to do with Sunland, but it’s about Tallahassee.
I’ll put it behind a cut in case anyone will get mad or anything :X

Wanted to know what there’s to do for fun around there. [except for Sunland]
Also, local and good [not too pricey] places to eat.
Going up tomorrow and my friends and I need something to do, heh.
Preferably something at night, late night.

AIM: ChokeMyEmotions, or message me at
Thanks in advance :] and sorry if it’s a bad post.
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post in the community called tallahassee but look through its memories first or something. i dont think people really use this community anymore... so try tallahassee or fsu_noles and that should help you out.
oh and the website i find very helpful sometimes.
thanks a million :]